Rihanna Tells MTV News: Domestic Abuse 'Doesn't Define Who I Am'

'But if I can help young women in any way ... then I'll do that,' she tells Sway.

NEW YORK — During her interview with Diane Sawyer, Rihanna revealed that she finally walked away from her relationship with Chris Brown after briefly reuniting because she wanted to set a positive example for her fans. The singer said she didn't want young girls to think it was OK to return to an abusive situation.

But Rihanna also said she doesn't want to be the "domestic-violence spokesperson," because Brown's assault is only one aspect of her story.

"One of the big things for me, I always want to help young women and give them insight into life experiences," she told MTV News on Monday (November 9). "One of those things is going through an abusive relationship like I did. But that's one thing for me. So I don't want to be the big domestic-violence spokesperson, because that doesn't define who I am. But if I can help young women in any way, and that being one of the things they need help with, then I'll do that."

Rihanna is attempting to move forward following the February assault, when Brown left her battered and bruised in his rented Lamborghini after a pre-Grammy party. He eventually struck a plea deal and was sentenced to 180 days of community labor, weekly therapy sessions and five years' probation.

Brown has already conducted a handful of interviews, including MTV News' "Chris Brown: The Interview" on Friday. But Rihanna didn't break her silence until last week's sit-down with Sawyer.

"It was the biggest weight lifted off my chest," she told MTV News. "If you watch the interview, you see it was a subject that I didn't talk about for the eight months that I didn't talk about it, so that was my first real time opening up. I had a lot of tension bottled up. So when I finally spoke about it, it felt really good. More importantly, it felt good that people got something positive out of it, because it's devastating. It's not fun to talk about or listen to, but there are a lot of women who are going through it, a lot of teenagers who are scared to talk about it. So I thought it was a good thing that I can be that voice for them and help them get out of that situation."

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Go here for domestic-violence resources, or check out Think MTV for a video handbook on spotting the warning signs of abuse.