OJ Da Juiceman Reveals Mixtape With Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame

'Waka, he's crunk,' OJ tells Mixtape Daily of the new Brick Squad member.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

OJ Da Juiceman smiles with a gold-tooth grin when asked who has more mixtapes: him or his brother in arms, Gucci Mane.

"I'm at 25 or 26 mixtapes, but Gucci Mane is well over 30," OJ said.

He plans to increase his catalog very shortly, with a tape called Six Rings: The Michael Jordan Edition dropping soon. Then he and DJ Drama are hooking up for a Gangsta Grillz simply called Orange. After all that, OJ said he and Gucci have plans to put out a street project with Waka Flocka Flame, a new member of the Brick Squad crew.

"We actually working on a me, Gucci, Waka mixtape," the Juice said. "[That's] half of the Brick Squad. I think me and Waka gonna do a mixtape first, then me, Gucci and Waka gonna do a mixtape together. Waka is up next. He has a song on the radio with the 'O Let's Do It.' He's real down to earth when you meet him. Waka, he's crunk. If you go to the store and buy a bobblehead, that's how he's gonna have you in the club.

"The Brick Squad is me, Waka, Gucci, Frenchie, Woo [Da Kid] — that's it," OJ explained of the clique. "The 1017 Boys is all them same people except me. 1017 is Gucci's crew."

In the beginning of 2007, OJ is putting out his official LP, The Otis Williams Jr. Story. He just finished a track with the New Boyz, and Busta Rhymes, Mistah F.A.B. and Verse Simmonds are onboard. The Juice appears on R. Kelly's upcoming Untitled LP via "Superman High" and laid down a verse for the remix of Mariah Carey's "H.A.T.E.U."

"That was a blessing. I was like, 'Are you serious? Who?!' " OJ said of getting the phone call from Jermaine Dupri about getting on Mariah's song along with Big Boi and Gucci Mane. "I hurried up and did it. Knocked that guy out in 10 minutes. It surprised me."

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