30 Seconds To Mars' 'Kings And Queens' Video: Watch An Exclusive Preview!

Band has created an epic video, and the roll-out is epic as well.

[artist id="1231235"]Thirty Seconds To Mars[/artist] have already gone to great lengths to make sure that their "Kings and Queens" video is a thoroughly epic production. They've filmed in and around some of Los Angeles' most iconic landmarks, recruited scores of extras and all manner of surrealist street performers to make cameos. So naturally, they want to roll the thing out in an equally epic manner.

Last week, they unveiled a 30-second teaser trailer for the clip, one that features a fire-breathing clown and an army of gas mask-wearing bicycle messengers patrolling the streets of L.A. And now, they're unveiling a second teaser video: right here, right now.

On Monday (November 9), Jared Leto sent MTV News a 30-second clip — called, appropriately enough, "The Horse" — that shows a majestic white stallion galloping in slow motion down a deserted city street. It's a startling, eye-popping image, one only amplified by the soundtrack: a chorus of young voices, chanting in unison (we can assume it was recorded earlier this year at 30STM's fan "summit"

in Hollywood.) At the end of the video, we are told that the video for "Kings and Queens" is "coming soon."

It's not known if the horse — or the clown from the earlier teaser trailer — will actually appear in the final version of the "Kings" video, but we're pretty sure the bike messengers will ... mostly because we were on hand last month when 30STM filmed the segment.

"We're doing all-night shoots. That was my big, dumb idea, to shoot at night," Leto told MTV News. "But I think this city is a beautiful place at night, and we have these empty streets, and it's kind of a haunting, forgotten landscape. It's been an incredible adventure, but it's also been really difficult, because there are so many people, and we're shutting down streets of Los Angeles."