Rihanna Did ABC Interview To 'Give Insight' To Other Victims

On 'Alexa Chung,' singer says opening up about Chris Brown is 'helping save lives.'

Monday's all-Rihanna episode of [url id="http://www.mtv.com/shows/alexa_chung/series.jhtml"]"It's On With Alexa Chung"[/url] opened with the pop star telling viewers that "today's show is Rated R cause I'm talking over."

The episode was an ode to the singer, featuring "America's Best Dance Crew" champs We Are Heroes dancing to a medley of Rihanna's songs and a fan makeover.

Rihanna, wearing a black-and-red hooded sweatshirt and ankle boots, began by discussing her interview with Diane Sawyer, in which she opened up about the night that Chris Brown assaulted her. She explained that she did the televised sit-down in order "to give insight to people who have been through what I have. [The fan response has been] insane, and for a little statistic there's the domestic violence hotline, and the calls have been up 59 percent. It's also helping save lives."

Quickly the conversation turned to less-serious topics, like how Rihanna wishes she could go home to Barbados more often. "The last time I was there was earlier this year, just before the summer," she said. "It's hot all year there, so it felt like summer anyways."

Rihanna also talked about her eerie first single, "Russian Roulette," and how it fits in with the rest of Rated R. "Well, actually Ne-Yo gave me the first song we did on the album," she said. "It's called 'Stupid in Love' [which we worked on early on], and 'Russian Roulette' came at the end. ... And the song was very dark, which matched the base of the album. I love that it was metaphorical."

Rihanna also talked a lot about her clothes and her style, explaining why she gets tattoos. "I don't plan my tattoos. It's always something that I love," she said, adding about her style that "nothing I wear is comfortable besides my underwear. The shoes, the clothes are pretty uncomfortable."