'New Moon' Star Dakota Fanning Had 'So Much Fun' With Kristen Stewart

'We've gotten to know each other really well and she's so great,' Fanning says of working with Stewart.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning spent this past summer playing bandmates on the set of "The Runaways," the upcoming biopic about the '70s-era all-girl rockers. It was quite a change from the two characters they portrayed months earlier in "New Moon": a girl from rural Washington and a vampire who can psychically inflict incapacitating pain on others.

During filming on "New Moon," however, the two actresses became good friends. "I knew Kristen a little bit before this, and I'm going to be working with her in another movie this summer ['The Runaways']," Fanning said in an interview conducted in the midst of shooting and provided by studio Summit Entertainment. "So we've gotten to know each other really well and she's so great. I've had so much fun with her."

In fact, Fanning said that all the castmembers — many of whom worked together on "Twilight" — immediately made her feel part of the team. "It's been so fabulous working with this cast — they're all so nice," Fanning explained. "And Rob [Pattinson] and Ashley [Greene] and everyone have been so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable, which is really nice."

Fanning's character, though, is not exactly nice to those she battles. She plays Jane, a nasty little vampire, one of the Volturi elite — the "head honchos" of the vampire world, laughed the actress — who was turned into a bloodsucker after being burned at the stake as a child. Her special pain-inflicting ability, it turns out, comes from personal experience.

"I've never really got to play a bad character before, but in this one I get to play a bad girl," she said. "So it's been really fun."

And when the film hit theaters on November 20, Fanning thinks both guys and girls will have fun kicking back and watching the vampire action. "I think it will probably have a wider appeal than people think," she said. "I think that guys can definitely relate to the action-packed part of it and the fights that break out and all the special effects that will happen. Of course, girls love the romantic story. We're suckers for that."

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