Leighton Meester Seduces Robin Thicke In 'Somebody To Love' Video

'It's basically going through ... a sexy day in my life,' the 'Gossip Girl' star tells MTV News.

In [artist id="3208054"]Leighton Meester's[/artist] just-released "Somebody to Love" video, the "Gossip Girl" actress rolls around in bed, writhes through clubs and shares wayward glances with song co-star [artist id="1356440"]Robin Thicke[/artist]. It's a sexy video for a sexy song, in which Meester coos about trying to find love in a world consumed with fleeting lust and one-night stands.

"It's basically going through ... a sexy day in my life. We start off in the car, we come in, I keep on fantasizing and dreaming that I'm with somebody I can love," she told MTV News on the video's set at the Mercer Hotel in New York. "He kind of comes and goes. He disappears. It's mostly about the clothes and the looks, so that's exciting for me. I've had a lot of fun with that."

Along with the glamorous wardrobe, Meester also gushed about working with Thicke on the sultry track.

"He's amazing. I love him," she said. "I'm such a huge fan of his, and I've only been able to tell him today how much I love him. The way that the song came about, I had written and recorded the song earlier. And then he jumped on it later on, and now that I've heard it that way, I don't want anyone to hear it any other way. I love it. And it just fit perfectly and it all happened very organically. He's got such an amazing voice, so I'm very lucky."

Meester said Thicke's verse is the perfect complement to her part of the song. "I think it's a perfect song, too, for being a duet," she said. "He's the answer [to my questions]. And he has such a sexy voice on a sexy song."

Leighton might be a fan of Thicke's music, but it wasn't until he caught her on an episode of "Entourage" playing a pop singer that he understood what all the fuss is about and knew he wanted to work with her on the song. "I heard the song, and I knew right away it was a hit song," he said. "I'm not totally familiar with 'Gossip Girl.' I first saw Leighton on 'Entourage.' I thought she was electric and seductive, and then I watched an episode of 'Gossip Girl' and I thought it was great."