Trey Songz On 'Sensual' New Videos For 'Say Aah' And 'I Invented Sex'

'It's more sensual than raunchy,' he says of the latter clip.

[artist id="1838768"]Trey Songz[/artist] is a busy guy — the singer just dropped two videos at once, for the singles "Say Aah" and "I Invented Sex."

"We have the 'Say Aah' and 'I Invented Sex' combination video, and we have it where both videos will live on their own," Songz explained about the productions.

Separately, "I Invented Sex" will be the continuation of "Say Aah."

"I wanted it to be sexy, adult, everybody having fun in the video," Songz said of "Say Aah." "The song speaks on more so a club atmosphere, but the video is more lofty — sexy women all over the place, adults having fun. This one lady in particular, she's representing the independent women without taking it over the top. She's got her own. She takes me back to her crib — so we invent sex together."

During "I Invented Sex," things get steamy.

"It's very sensual," Trey smiled. "The idea I had, it came from a banned Calvin Klein ad. It was a dude and two girls and they was touching and kissing. I was like, 'Man, I wanna do that.' We didn't go all the way there. I didn't have two girls — we simulated best we could, and it's more sensual than raunchy.

"It's a groove record," Songz added. "It's got that knock at the same time. It's sexy at the same time. Conceptually, it's mind-blowing to tell a woman, 'You gonna think we invented sex when we're done.' That's where I am. Even with records like 'Say Aah,' conceptually I wanna think outside the box. You think about a record like 'LOL :-),' it's something real simple, but when you look at the title or listen to the record, you're like, 'Wow.' That's something great from a songwriter's perspective. I'm just trying to make hits and classic records that people can vibe to and live their life."