Ashley Greene Gets Cast In New Thriller 'The Apparition'

The 'Twilight' star will face down other supernatural beings in the new movie.

With three "Twilight" flicks under her belt, Ashley Greene has found time to make another movie. The "New Moon" star will star in the thriller "The Apparition," Variety reports.

There is no news yet on who will star with Greene in the film about a young couple haunted by a supernatural being that was let loose during a college experiment. "The Apparition," which was inspired by true events, will be produced by Joel Silver's Dark Castle company and is set to start production on February 1.

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In the meantime, fans can see Greene in the highly anticipated second flick in the "Twilight Saga," out on November 20. Although she'll be the one on edge in the face of the ghostly figure in "The Apparition," Greene recently revealed that fans of "Twilight" will certainly be surprised by the twists and turns that "New Moon" takes.

"Edward kind of breaks Bella's heart, so you definitely see Jacob kind of swoop in to rescue her," she said. "You get to see their chemistry and dynamic. It kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat a little bit more than the first one.

"The first one is very much a love story, and this one is kind of more about heartbreak and healing, and ... the wolves come in and there's that threat, that danger," Greene added. "I actually saw the movie about two months ago, and it's really good."

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