New Kid On The Block Jordan Knight Is Looking For The Next Big Thing

Singer is holding 'Jordan Idol' events to find artists with 'something special.'

Back in the '80s, [artist id="508566"]Jordan Knight[/artist] was plucked out of obscurity to join one of the most popular groups at the time, the [artist id="1254"]New Kids on the Block[/artist], so he understands what it's like to have someone give you your big break. Now, Knight — who is busy traveling the country to record his next solo album — is hoping to give someone their chance at pop stardom.

"This idea of 'Jordan Idol' came up while I was in the recording studio in Boston, and a lot of fans showed up outside the recording studio, and I just went out there with a [video camera]," he told MTV News. "I said, 'Who here could sing? Maybe you could sing background on my record?' And a couple girls sang, and I posted it up on YouTube."

Since then, an overwhelming amount of fans have wanted that same chance. So Knight, who has already held a "Jordan Idol" in Nashville, is now in New York looking for that special someone.

"New York is one of the entertainment capitals of the world, so I'm sure there's a lot of singers here," he said about his next "JI," being held at Le Poisson Rouge club Saturday. "New York comes with a certain attitude — an attitude you can't get anywhere else in the country — so, hopefully, I'll meet some people who have that New York vibe to them."

Knight said he's holding these auditions because he's always wanted to help up-and-coming musical talent. "I want to have fun with the fans," he said. "I want to hear them sing, and who knows? Maybe there is someone out there who can really put it down, and if I have the connections to help them out, it's kind of always been a dream of mine to help somebody out."

What will it take to catch Knight's eye? "You don't really look for a certain something. Well, actually, you do look a certain something," he laughed. "They have to have it. They don't have to have the perfect look, the perfect voice, the perfect moves — they just have to have something special. It's hard to come by. I'm looking for it. It, are you out there?"