50 Cent Says His Power Fragrance 'Smells Like Success'

Fif will release a perfume for women soon, with Kim Kardashian as the spokeswoman.


[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] got a chance to get up close and personal with the people, taking pictures with fans at Macy's in Herald Square on Thursday evening (November 5). His new cologne, Power by 50 Cent, is in stores now. Fif, dressed in a sports coat, addressed the crowd, telling them he always wanted to have his own fragrance.

"The fragrance Power was an idea I came up with," 50 said before the event started. "I wanted to offer confidence. I wanted to make something that smells like success. We went through a whole lot of different ideas. I created storyboards, things I felt was representation of power. It turned into the actual shape of the bottle, if you look at the top. The details on it might remind you of my favorite watches, Audemars Piguet or Hublot. I wanted it to be masculine, sexy, attractive. Prior to creating this actual fragrance, I had the opportunity to enjoy Creed; that was one of my favorite fragrances. That kinda inspired me."

Fif is coming out with a perfume for women soon, with Kim Kardashian as the spokeswoman. "I think she's amazing," he said with a smile. "She's done great things for herself and her brand. She's just someone who the public has taken an interest in. It's not gonna stop. It's kinda like what Paris Hilton has. [Kim] might not like that I make the comparison, but the two of them have an energy that it's difficult to describe where the interest is coming from, but it's amazing. And they're so far different from each other, it's interesting."

On Monday, the digital version of 50's Before I Self Destruct comes out, while the physical LP lands in stores November 16. Within the next week, the G-Unit General is shooting a video for his next single, "Do You Think About Me," while the clip for "Stretch" hits ThisIs50.com on Thursday night.