'Michael Jackson: The Live Seance' To Air Friday On British TV

Psychic Derek Acorah will attempt to contact Jackson's spirit.

In one of the more bizarre media events surrounding Michael Jackson's death, on Friday British television network Sky 1 will broadcast a live séance with the singer's spirit.

In a special "intimate and unique" hour-long event — dubbed "Michael Jackson: The Live Séance" — British psychic Derek Acorah will attempt to contact Jackson's spirit, with the hope of giving the King of Pop's fans the opportunity "to connect with their hero one last time."

"There is an insatiable appetite to find out more about Michael Jackson," Stuart Murphy, Sky 1's director of programs, told Yahoo UK earlier this month. "He was an extraordinary figure and the curiosity surrounding his life — and his death — stretches well beyond fans of his music."

Just how Acorah —best known to British audiences for his long-running paranormal TV series "Ghost Towns" — plans on contacting Jackson's spirit is a closely guarded secret, but according to Kirsty Howell, a publicist for Sky 1, the séance will be held "on an island ... in a secret location familiar to Jackson" before an audience of fans and friends, and will feature mementos from his life.

"We have chosen genuine Michael Jackson fans and people who knew him throughout his life to take part in this event," Howell added. "Derek will also have a personal item from Michael Jackson, and will invite everyone to sit quietly and channel positive thoughts ... he can't force Michael to appear, but he will try inviting his spirit by creating welcoming environment."

Howell added that Sky 1 was aware that some Jackson fans might object to the program, but that it's not meant to be exploitive. Rather, she views it as a tribute to the man and his legacy.

"There are so many Michael Jackson fans out there, people who celebrate his life and his music, and this show is another way for them to connect with him," she said. "We're huge fans of Michael Jackson, and this is a celebration of his life."

"Michael Jackson: The Live Séance" will air at 10 p.m. GMT on Sky 1, and is the second half of a progam examining the singer's life and death. From 9-10 p.m., the network will air "Michael Jackson: The Search for His Spirit," which, according to Sky's program guide, "takes fans on a journey celebrating the life of the troubled, but talented star." American psychic Bobby Marchesso and Jackson's "Thriller" video co-star, Ola Ray, are also featured on the show.