Rihanna Says Reconciling With Chris Brown Was 'Selfish'

Singer wants to tell other victims to 'F love' and get out of abusive relationships.

Rihanna hopes that by finally speaking out about being assaulted by [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist], she can help other young women get out of abusive situations. In her interview with Diane Sawyer, which aired in part on "Good Morning America" on Thursday (November 5), she said she knew that she had to break off her relationship with Brown, if only to send the right message to other young women.

"Even if Chris never hit me again, who is to say that their boyfriend won't? Who's to say that they won't kill these girls?" she said in the interview, which will air in full on "20/20" on Friday night. "These are young girls, and I just didn't realize how much of an impact I had on these girls' lives until that happened. It was a wake-up call."

Despite her love for Brown, Rihanna said she now realizes that love shouldn't be the reason for going back to an abuser. "It was a wake-up call for me, big time, especially when I took myself out of the situation. And I'll say that to any young girl who is going through domestic violence: Don't react off of love," she explained. "F love. Come out of the situation and look at it third person and for what it really is, and then make your decision, because love is so blind."

Rihanna went so far as to call her brief reconciliation with Brown shortly after the incident a "selfish decision," one she knew could affect many young women's lives negatively. She didn't want to send the message that it's OK to go back to someone who hurts you.

"It's not right. I learned the hard way, but again, this is what I want people to know," she continued. "When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result in some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part. I couldn't be held responsible for telling them to go back."

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