Drake Calls Rihanna's Rated R 'A Great Album'

'I'm excited for her. She deserves everything that she gets,' Drake says.

Anticipation is high for the November 23 release of [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist]'s new album, Rated R. and one of the album's biggest boosters is 2009 breakout star (and Rihanna pal) [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist].

"Rihanna has a great album," the MC told Rap-Up.com. "She's got great records that she's using, she's got great records that she's not even using that she has for a later date. I'm excited for her. She deserves everything that she gets."

One of the songs that didn't make the cut is a duet between Rihanna and Drake that was produced by Norwegian hitmakers Stargate, who'd previously worked with Rihanna on "Unfaithful" and "Take a Bow."

"We did do some great work together and hopefully it'll find its place on some project one day," Drake said, without revealing the song's title. "The record we have is great. It's a special record, so for it not to make it, I know something had to click. It's all good. I think the project's gonna be great no matter what."

He did, however, say that he was surprised by the selection of the eerie "Russian Roulette" as the album's first single. "It's a cool little record," he allowed. "I don't know if personally that's the route I would've gone for a single choice. I can only say that because I've been around and heard the music that she's coming with other than that record."

Drake said he was met with a similar reaction for his "Best I Ever Had" video, which didn't get the warmest reception from some fans. "We all make personal choices," he said. "It's like the same way I shot a certain type of video for 'Best I Ever Had.' Maybe that's where she's at emotionally right now. I think if I heard it in the mix with the other ones, I would probably find more appreciation for it as opposed to it being the only thing that people are hearing from her right now after so long."

Rumors swirled about a budding romance between Rihanna and Drake earlier this year when they were spotted getting close in New York, but Drake quickly quashed them, saying she's "just a friend, that's all."