Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Tease Each Other, Cuddle In Harper's Bazaar

'Rob can barely jump rope,' Stewart jokes about co-star's athletic prowess.

[movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson] certainly have chemistry. The "Twilight" stars may not be dating, but they clearly are close.

When Stewart talks about Pattinson in the December issue of Harper's Bazaar, on newsstands on November 17, she says that her onscreen love is "a great singer. Heartbreaking." Meanwhile, Pattinson calls Stewart "a unique girl. You really don't meet many people like Kristen."

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart In Harper's Bazaar

The issue of romance did come up during the interview, when the stars were asked who is the more romantic of the two. "I'd have to say Rob is," Stewart said. "I think romance is anything honest. As long as it's honest, it's so disarming."

Pattinson added that "I'm better at faking." He went on to describe Stewart as tough, saying she doesn't take anything from anyone. "Kristen doesn't take any slack," he explained. "She sticks to her guns — and that's difficult to do."

Although Pattinson may fight bad vamps and fly in the "Twilight" movies, in real life it's Stewart who has more athletic prowess. She said, "I'm definitely claiming that one. Rob can barely jump rope. I call him Flippy because when he does his stunt rehearsals, he flips around [makes gestures like a penguin]. And God, when he tries to run ..."

Pattinson jokes that Stewart spends more time than he does looking herself up online. "[Kristen] would say me, but I reckon it's her. If either one of us catches the other one doing it, we're like, Jesus Christ, is that what you're looking at? And the other one's on their phone pretending to text," he joked. "I look up my competition more than she does. I'm incredibly shallow. I think she just looks at herself."

In photos that accompany the interview, the pair are seen doing various romantic things together, like riding a motorcycle and cuddling. The standout is the shot of Stewart wearing a tight-fitting gown and looking slightly aloof while Pattinson, on his knees, kisses her hand.

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