Robert Pattinson Takes On Tokyo In 'New Moon' Promo Tour

Star says he still finds worldwide passion for 'Twilight' 'really surprising.'

Robert Pattinson doesn't have to say much or even speak the same language as his female fans to garner screams and shrieks of excitement. He proved as much when he was in Tokyo promoting "New Moon" on Tuesday along with director Chris Weitz.

"Thank you all so much for coming," Pattinson told the assembled crowd, who began to scream before his words were even translated into Japanese (as you can see in this video of the event). "It's always really surprising, whenever we go anywhere in the world, there seems to be so many people everywhere who are just as passionate. ... It's always just amazing to find that out. Thank you, arigato."

'New Moon' Premieres Around The World

Pattinson has not only been gracing the world's stages to promote the flick before its November 20 release, but he's also been gracing the pages of many magazines, with and without co-star Kristen Stewart. Outtakes from his spread in Vanity Fair, shot by photographer Bruce Weber, have been posted on the magazine's Web site.

In the 12 photos from the magazine, where he shared that he and Stewart are "just friends," the heartthrob is seen in various degrees of sexy. In one, a pensive-looking Pattinson lies in a bed in his white T-shirt. In another, he's seen in a striped T-shirt and wool coat, reading a book and smiling. Another shows Pattinson on a gloomy day on a dock, scowling as he eats an ear of corn.

Pattinson may have denied he's dating Stewart, but he did gush about her in the issue. "I think she's the best young actress around," he said. "She's influenced how I've done all the 'Twilight' stuff. It's quite nice to have someone who is genuinely indifferent to the whole spectacle of everything."

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