Carrie Underwood Plays Up The 'Sass' With Kara DioGuardi On 'Undo It'

'It's so fun to play a character and play something that you would never really be in real life,' she says of her feisty songs.

[artist id="1933910"]Carrie Underwood[/artist] and Kara DioGuardi might not have crossed paths on "American Idol," but the ladies did manage to hook up for a couple of tracks on the country singer's just-released album, Play On. Underwood said working with the outspoken "Idol" judge has helped her embrace her sassy side.

"I love sass," she told CMT. "And this is what I think is great about the whole album. People have so many layers and so many different emotions and feelings, and throughout the album, we tapped into a lot of that."

Underwood hasn't been shy about showing off her feisty side in singles like "Before He Cheats" and "Cowboy Casanova." "We have attitude, and just like everybody else, I'd rather sing attitude than give attitude," she said. "But it's so fun to play a character and play something that you would never really be in real life."

One of the songs she wrote with DioGuardi, "Undo It," shows off Underwood's playful alter ego. "There are definitely certain things in my life that I'm like, 'Did I learn anything from that? No. I'd really just kind of like to erase that one,' " she said about the song. "I think there's definitely things in my life that I'd like to undo, make them go away."

Underwood hadn't met DioGuardi before heading into the studio to work on songs for Play On, but she loved working with her, thanks to the songwriter's strong personality. "It was the first time I had met her. I had seen her on the show and everything and, of course, you know her cred," she said. "It was a lot of fun to have this anthem, girly, very strong, just great writer in the room with you."