Trey Songz Calls Chris Brown Duet A 'Fun Record'

'We started playing around with a crazy concept — just having fun for real,' Songz says of their time in the studio.

[artist id="1838768"]Trey Songz[/artist] chuckled when we asked about all of his recent collaborations: Mary J. Blige, Amerie, new labelmate Toni Braxton and one of his fellas, [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist]. Songz told us he and his fellow Virginia native linked up on the West Coast.

"The record me and Chris got is a fun record, produced by Polow Da Don," Songz said of the track, whose title hasn't been released. "[Chris] told me to stop by the studio one night. We was in L.A., I was about to lay it down. He told me to come through. I hadn't seen him in a while. He put this beat on, we started playing around with a crazy concept — just having fun for real. I wasn't sure if he was gonna keep the record, because it was done just out of fun. When I tell you I came by last minute and we cut it real quick — very quick. He's keeping it. It's gonna be a great look."

On his own, Songz is having a banner year. His latest album, Ready, is on track to be his highest-selling and is regarded by many as his best body of work. He's doubling up with new singles "Say Aah" and the bold "I Invented Sex."

"It's a groove record. It's got that knock at the same time," he said about the latter single. "It's sexy at the same time. Conceptually, it's mind-blowing to tell a woman, 'You gonna think we invented sex when we're done.' That's where I am. Even with records like 'Say Aah,' conceptually I wanna think outside the box. You think about a record like 'LOL :-),' it's something real simple, but when you look at the title or listen to the record, you're like, 'Wow.' That's something great from a songwriter's perspective. I'm just trying to make hits and classic records that people can vibe to and live their life."