Chris Brown's Graffiti Cover Gets Mixed Reaction From Fans

'I wasn't really sure about the cartoon figures but it's pretty unique looking,' one fan says.

NEW YORK — Ever since the cover artwork for Chris Brown's forthcoming album, Graffiti, was tweeted on Monday, the Internet has been flooded with a wide variety of comments regarding everything from his wardrobe to the animated cartoon characters that appear at the bottom and its overall look. MTV News hit Times Square on Tuesday (November 3) to find out what fans think of the singer's new album cover.

Demetrius Taylor, a "big fan," said he liked the singer's outfit but added that the cartoon characters made it look "a little cheap." However, he said he's less concerned about what's on the outside of the album. "I think it's all about the music, though," he said. "As long as the music's good it doesn't matter what the cover looks like."

Emilio Aquino noted that the cover is reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson. "I guess in a commercial sense it's quite exciting and quite sexy, but I wouldn't wear something like this." he said.

Another fan, Jasmine Davis, enjoyed the futuristic feel that the singer was going for but wasn't sure about the animated figures. "It looks like something off of [the 1996 film] 'Space Jam,' actually, so it contrasts a lot with the album cover," she said. "I wasn't really sure about the cartoon figures at the bottom but it's a pretty unique looking album cover."

"I like the spacey look from behind," Alex Hatfield added.

Brown has had his own response — via all-caps tweets — to some of the comments he read about the cover. "Who cares if my pants r fitted," he wrote. "It's called fashion. I'm so tired of closed minded people. I'm 100% comfortable wit my sexuality. I'm a grown man."

The post was subsequently removed from Brown's Twitter page.

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