Rihanna Premieres Video For 'Wait Your Turn'

Singer films grainy black-and-white clip for the second single from Rated R.

No matter what kind of videos [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] makes for the singles from her upcoming Rated R album, fans and critics are certain to draw their own interpretations of her first clips since she was assaulted by then-boyfriend [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] in February.

And the video released Tuesday (November 3) on the singer's Web site for the single "Wait Your Turn" is likely to stoke those fires. The stark, grainy, black-and-white clip for the tune finds Rihanna utterly alone in the frame, strutting and marching through a series of scenarios in which she appears to be the only person left on Earth.

The clip opens with shots of Rihanna wearing an eye patch, a high-necked jacket and garters as she repeats the song's "the wait is ova" refrain while standing under what appears to be a highway underpass filled with bright lights. Next, we see her draped in rosaries, a black hoodie, sunglasses, black pants and a black leather bustier staring into the camera in a church, and then a dissolve to her hugging a statue of a winged angel enshrouded in smoke while wearing a black bustier, tight black jeans and a striped fur jacket.

The camera jump-cuts between the scenarios, with the singer looking down the barrel of the lens as she sashays down a dark park walkway, her hair swept up in her now-signature brush-back hairdo. While there doesn't appear to be a story line to the clip, per se, the various settings allow the singer to show off her edgy, street-savvy style while keeping the focus on the song's incessant, grinding beat.

She eventually ends up on a rooftop with the city behind her, wearing a b-girl outfit consisting of a white sports bra, black shades, ripped jeans and fur hoodie leather jacket.

All along, bright lights blaze from behind her head and she glares at the camera with a look that alternates between swaggering and sultry, ending with her pointing to the camera and walking away from the frame toward the city lights.

The clip — featuring images that began to leak several weeks ago — is the first Rihanna has released to support the Rated R album and it is reportedly to be followed by the debut of the video for the first single, "Russian Roulette," on ABC's "20/20" on Friday. Both videos were shot by director Anthony Mandler (John Mayer, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z), who has collaborated on 10 videos with the singer.

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