'New Moon' Featurette Shows How Robert Pattinson Fights Volturi

'He doesn't have a hope in hell of winning the fight,' Pattinson says of Edward.

We could give our own explanation about who the Volturi are in "New Moon," but we're sure you'd much rather hear it from Robert Pattinson himself.

"The Volturi are the oldest known coven of vampires in the 'Twilight' universe," he says in a new featurette available on MySpace.com.

And wouldn't you like to know what Pattinson's Edward Cullen has to say? "The Volturi are the closest thing my world has to royalty," he tells Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan in the film. "They enforce the law."

That's as good an introduction as any to the Volturi baddies. But of course you want more, and the featurette delivers, giving close looks at the Volturi vampires and a behind-the-scenes peek at an epic fight between Edward and the royal bloodsuckers.

In past footage, we have seen how Edward challenges the Volturi on their home turf in Italy. The new featurette reveals the moviemaking tricks necessary to film the scene, as Pattinson does stunt work alongside Daniel Cudmore, who plays the vampire Felix. In one shot, Pattinson jumps backward as Cudmore grasps him by the neck and they both fall onto a mat. In another shot, Pattinson leaps onto Cudmore as they topple back onto the mat. There's also a look at the wire work Pattinson had to undertake to simulate being tossed through the air by his adversary.

As Pattinson explains of Edward, "He doesn't have a hope in hell of winning the fight."

The featurette shows exactly whom he must battle. The Volturi cast do their interviews in character: Dakota Fanning as Jane, red eyes glowing, a brown hood covering her head; Michael Sheen as pale-faced, dark-haired Aro; Christopher Heyerdahl as creepy Marcus; Jamie Campbell Bower as the platinum-blonde Caius. Actors portraying secondary Volturi characters — Cudmore and Charlie Bewley (Demetri) — also get a chance to talk about their roles.

"Aro, Caius, and Marcus are in charge," says "Twilight" series author Stephenie Meyer. "They've got their minions, Jane kind of being the foremost."

"Jane is the secret weapon," adds Fanning. "She looks kind of innocent, but really her power is pretty evil."

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