Rihanna’s Song ‘Hard,’ Featuring Young Jeezy, Hits Radio

The track, which was written by The-Dream, has an abrasive party beat that matches its title.

Yet another new song from Rihanna’s upcoming Rated R album hit the radio Monday (November 2).

The track is called “Hard,” and it matches the title. It has an abrasive party beat, and [artist id=”1940303″]Rihanna[/artist] and guest [artist id=”1243444″]Young Jeezy[/artist] aren’t shy about discussing their elite status.

“Tougher than a lion/ Ain’t no need in trying/ I live where the sky ends, yup, you know this,” Rihanna sings in a near-rap flow. “Never lying, truth telling/ That Rihanna reign just won’t let up/ … The hottest bi— in heels right here.”

Meanwhile, Jeezy talks about his progression. “I used to run my block like Obama and them,” Jeezy raps. “Don’t believe me, ask my momma and them/ Tell ’em give me back my swag/ They tried to clone me/ See my Louis Chucks, Louis flag, Louis flames, Louis belt/ What that make me, ’Louis Mane’?/ … ’Hard,’ if one word describes me/ If I wasn’t doing this, you know where’d I be.”

“Hard” writer The-Dream talked to MTV News about the track last week.

” ’Hard,’ I want that song to explain itself,” he said. “Most of the stuff I wrote — still to this day what I write — I try to find out through people what they’re going through or what they gotta say. Then we put that in.”

Another Rihanna song, “Wait Your Turn,” leaked online Monday. Rated R comes out November 23.