Tupac Featured On Night Of The Living Dead Part II Mixtape

'This tape is full of classic records,' the Cookin' Soul guys tell Mixtape Daily.

Lil Wayne's No Ceilingsis making a serious argument for Mixtape of the Year right now. Halloween was a great day for music — heck, a bunch of great music dropped last week. This week is off to great start with the new Rihanna and Young Jeezy joints and Game is talking about releasing four mixtapes at once. Check in with us all week for some exclusives — but today, those Cookin' Soul cats bring back one of the all-time best.

Don't Sleep: Necessary Notables

Mixtape: Night of the Living Dead Part II

Headliner: Tupac Shakur

Co-Starring: Cookin' Soul and DJ Whoo Kid

Key Collaborations: "The Beyond" featuring Jay-Z; "Halloween Pt. II" featuring Notorious B.I.G.; "The Fog" featuring Notorious B.I.G.

Essential Info: Producers got in on the Halloween action, putting their latest mixtape out on Saturday along with releases from Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and others. The Soul brothers concentrated on putting a new spin on classics from Tupac Shakur.

"Last year we made a classic, Night of the Living Dead Part I," Soul's Big Size said.

"So we was talking with Whoo Kid and said, 'We gotta come back this year with another classic. Tupac!,' " Zock added. "One of the greatest ever. We're keeping with the concept of the first one, sampling from horror movies, original soundtracks like 'Fog,' 'Halloween' and 'Dawn of the Dead.' "

"This tape is full of classic records," Size confirmed.

"This crazy mixtape is the missing link to the B.I.G. mixtape we did last year," Whoo Kid offered. "This should complete the collection, unless we go in with Big Pun next year. Cookin' Soul are the best in theme mixtapes and, of course, as you can see, they sought after one of the best mixtape DJs out to put it together — pow!"

You can download the mixtape from their Web site.

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