'New Moon' Stars Answer Your Questions About Scooters, Online Haters

Kellan Lutz reveals how he's spending his 'Twilight' paycheck, while Nikki Reed surfs the Web.

Every week, they answer hundreds of questions from reporters. But when true fans are doing the questioning, the stars of [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] always take that into account and seem to answer a little more honestly, a little more frankly, giving us a rare peek behind the curtain at their innermost thoughts.

And so, once again, we're presenting a weeklong jackpot of "New Moon" Stars Answer Your Burning Questions. Keep posting them on our sites, we'll keep bringing them to the stars, and you'll keep getting their unique thoughts on scooters, paparazzi, shopping with KStew and everything else below:

[movieperson id="438091"]Kellan Lutz[/movieperson]

Q: Have you bought anything exciting yet with your "Twilight" earnings?

Lutz: Yes, I bought a scooter! It was amazing. I had no idea, but there are pictures [out there of me on it]; someone was taking pictures. I bought this way downtown, and I didn't see this paparazzi guy — I don't even know how they do what they do. It's so random, but there are dead-on pictures, where I should have been scooting up to them and seen them do it. ... But I love the scooter. I get, like, 100 gallons per mile on it, and it costs five bucks to fill the tank! So that's like a gallon-and-a half, and I go 150 miles. With my car, it's like 15 to 16 miles, so I take that anywhere and everywhere. I live in the Valley, so I can take that anywhere and everywhere [in Los Angeles], and it's fun zipping in and out [of traffic]. It's cool.

[movieperson id="315691"]Nikki Reed[/movieperson]

MTV: Nikki, Jenbarns76 asks: "I was wondering if you ever take a look at the fan sites that have popped up all over the Net."

Reed: Well, I'm sort of obsessed with the TwiMoms. They've definitely been the nicest to me — so thanks, TwiMoms! They've made me love the books. [But Web sites are dangerous because] it's really hard for me to not be honest. It's really hard for me to watch what I say. Because I honestly believe everybody has good intentions, and it gets me into a lot of trouble.

MTV: Like what?

Reed: There was an interview where somebody asked me how I was feeling at that moment with everything that was going on with "Twilight," and I said, "You know? I'm really devastated right now, because I have never heard the amount of criticism and hurt and pain from some things that I've read going on the Internet [about me] right now, like, "She's fat" and "She's ugly" and "She's not blond" and "She's supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the world?" and "Couldn't they cast someone who was remotely beautiful?" It's like, thank God I'm not so callous that I'm totally desensitized, but I am sensitive and that really hurt my feelings. And the TwiMoms made this book for me that was this huge book that they had collected letters from people all over the world that just said the nicest things about me. Like, it couldn't have been a better ego boost.

MTV: But some of the sites still drive you crazy?

Reed: Well, the other sites, there's just so much craze that goes around. ... There's a photo of me walking out of Whole Foods!

MTV: I think I've seen those pictures. Kristen was dropping her salad.

Reed: Yeah, that was us. We get Whole Foods together like every day. But any actor that says they don't look at the IMDb boards is lying. I'm just going to tell you right now — we all know what goes on there. Yeah, at one point I really hope that you put this up there, not that I need to use every opportunity to make a profound statement or something, but at what point do IMDb boards became discussion boards for people who want to say negative things? Wasn't the Internet Movie Database supposed to be work-related or filled with compliments because you go to that person's board if you want to say something nice about their work? At what point did it become this battleground?

MTV: Are you ever tempted to go on a Web site and set the record straight?

Reed: Well, I've joked with Kristen a few times about how tempted we are to defend ourselves. But there's no point. For every one person who says something, you always hear about the squeaky wheel or the plane that crashes. There might be a person that is really mean, but [you hear about them, not] the million people that say really nice things. The people who say nice things don't really necessarily need to spend 50 million hours on the computer, typing up all the nice things. So you don't read those things, but they are definitely out there.

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