'Vampire Diaries' Creator Kevin Williamson Explains Vicki's Shocking Death

'We will kill the main characters. This is a show that will go there,' he says.

Fans of the hit show "The Vampire Diaries" got a jolt recently when — in episode seven of the series — an actress who appeared to be one of the show's main characters was killed off with a stake to the heart. Now, the mastermind behind the TV series is speaking for the first time about his motive for the murder.

"I don't want to be that show where there's no jeopardy," explained Kevin Williamson in a recent chat with MTV, giving us the scoop on Vicki's shocking death. "[Some shows] are all very predictable in the sense that, well, 'We know this is the lead character so we know he won't die.' Or, 'That's a regular, so he won't die, it'll be a supporting person."

Actress Kayla Ewell has featured quite prominently in the show's first six episodes, but Williamson told us that he needed a sacrificial lamb to make sure his audience knows that nobody is ever safe in Mystic Falls. "You know, I've killed all the supporting people I want to," laughed Williamson, insisting it was time to take out a more sizable star. "I want the show to have an unpredictable quality to it, and I think that's going to come now and the audience will realize I will kill them — we will kill the main characters. This is a show that will go there."

Despite being praised as one of the best characters on the show, Vicki, who had only been turned into a vamp by Damon (Ian Somerholder) one episode prior, was staked in the heart by Stefan as she lost control of her new urge for human blood, attacking Elena in the high school parking lot during the annual Halloween party. And if that's not scary enough, Williamson promised more bloodshed to come.

"So, be prepared," he warned the show's die-hard audience. "It's going to be unpredictable in that way. And that's going to be the fun part about the show."

As for why he chose Vicki, Williamson explained: "Well, this whole show is about death, in the sense that it's about Elena and her brother Jeremy dealing with the death of their parents, and how these two dead men, the two vampires, come into her life.

"Whenever you're doing a show about death, you're really telling a tale of life and living — and I think watching this character die brings closure to the parents' death," Williamson said. "In a way, it's a very emotional episode."

For the legions of "Vampire Diaries" fans, Williamson is preaching to the choir. But if it's any consolation, the creator of such franchises as "Dawson's Creek" and the "Scream" movies promised that Vicki's death was just as emotional for him as it was for the public.

"I always tear up when I watch the end of it," he said of this past week's episode. "But you've gotta kill people."

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