Chris Brown Pictures Shed Light On Personal 'Crawl' Video

Photos focus on two main sets: a desert and a puddle-spotted alleyway.

"Everybody says we're through," Chris Brown sings on "Crawl," the second single from his upcoming Graffiti album. "I hope you haven't said it too."

The parallel to his own shattered relationship with Rihanna is hard to dismiss, and as the director of the "Crawl" video, Joseph Kahn, told MTV News, "It's probably his most personal thing he's ever done."

See Photos Of Chris Brown On Set In 'Crawl'

Now newly released photos from the video's production give a little insight into what Brown is planning. The photos focus on two main sets — one on-location in a desert, the other a snow- and puddle-spotted alleyway. In both settings, the singer wears the same outfit: thick black glasses, brown leather trench coat, white T-shirt, fingerless gloves, white belt, jeans and high-top sneakers. In one photo, he is joined by Bad Boy artist Cassie, who will make an appearance in the video.

In the desert, with sandy dunes and blue skies behind him, Brown stares at a point off camera, as if in deep contemplation. Another shot shows him with arms spread wide, his head tipped back as he bellows into the ether. A third photo displays the full scale of the desert, with Brown a small presence compared to the wide expanse of sand and cloud. In one pic from the alley, a solitary light shines behind him as he strikes a pose. A different, close-up shot captures Brown singing, his hand in the air, his dark pants blending into the street.

"I mean, everything that's happened to him in the year, I think this is going to be his big statement, in terms of what he's feeling and what he's living through right now," Kahn explained. "I don't even know if Chris is trying to say anything with the video. I think he just sort of, as an artist, I think Chris communicates more through what he does ... and so what he does in the video will speak for itself."