Drake Joins Jay-Z Onstage In Canada

The Toronto native joins Jay onstage at the Air Canada Centre.

[artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] gave it away during an interview with Rap-Up.com, so his "surprise" appearance during [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist]'s Toronto tour stop came as a shock to few. Hov's Halloween show at the Air Canada Centre featured the man who is co-signed in the song "A Star Is Born" as being rap's next big star.

After being introduced by Jay, Drake walked on the stage while the music for "Successful" played.

"Ah yeah, Toronto I f---in' feel ya," Drake rapped, replacing Trey Songz's name with a shout-out to his hometown.

"They be starin' at the money like it's unfamiliar/ I get it, I live it/ To me ... "

"Nothing realer!" Jay jumped in, hyping things up.

"Just enough to solve your problems," Drake rapped.

"Too much will kill ya," Hov came back in.

"The game needs change and I'm the muthaf---in' cashier," Drake continued.

"Talk to 'em," Jay encouraged.

For the entirety of the performance, Drake kept his movements to a minimum, as he's still recovering from knee surgery.

"I want things to go my way," Drake began on the second verse. "But as of late a lot of sh--'s been goin' sideways/ And my mother tried to run away from home/ But I left somethin' in the car and so I caught her in the driveway/ And she cried to me so I cried too/ And my stomach was soakin' wet/ She only 5'2"/ And Jigga that was all before I showed up/ And brought a thousand dollars' worth of drinks and got poured up."

Before Drake walked off, he told the audience to "make some noise for the legendary Jay-Z."

Jay told Canada's Much Music that Drake had everything it took to become a superstar.

"He just needs to focus," Jay advised. "He proved that he was very talented with that mixtape — it was phenomenal. He just has to maintain that focus. I think he's gonna be fine. If he stays focused, he'll be fine."