Michelle Trachtenberg Teases Georgina's 'Gossip Girl' Return

'There are so many more great things that Georgina can do,' the actress says.

Georgina Sparks has once again left the "Gossip Girl" kids to recover from her devious ways, but that doesn't mean they are completely free of her antics. Michelle Trachtenberg said there are a lot of scenarios that could bring her character back to "GG."

"Georgina, she's taken a little trip away. She's gone off with a Russian prince, or so she thinks. So, there are so many more great things that Georgina can do," she told MTV News. "She pretty much just always comes in, destroys their lives for a few episodes, and then is like, 'OK, I'm good now. I think I'll go get a massage in the Caribbean.' "

Georgina is attending NYU with frienemy Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), and Trachtenberg said once the two ladies meet up again, there will certainly be another catfight. "I'm sure. Georgina never lets go of a grudge," she said. "So she'll definitely get back at Blair. And it's really funny, because Leighton and I are so close."

Although there are very few people who would sing the praises of Georgina, Trachtenberg is proud to love the bad girl. "She is absolutely amazing. She is the best character I have ever played. She is so much," she gushed. "She is incredibly evil, manipulative and pretty much just takes no prisoners, and she doesn't care about the consequences. She is fantastic."

On Trachtenberg's other TV show, "Mercy," she plays über-sweet newbie nurse Chloe, and she admits that playing mean girl Georgina is much more fun. "Villains are definitely more fun than good girls," she said. "They are the ones that wreak havoc, and basically, they kind of run the show."

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