Rihanna Single 'Wait Your Turn' Leaks Online

Song features 'The wait is ova' phrase and several sports metaphors.

The second single from [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist]'s upcoming [article id="1624888"]Rated R album[/article], "Wait Your Turn," leaked online over the weekend. The track finds the Barbadian beauty tapping into her island roots with a subtle dub reggae vibe. The song, reportedly produced by Chase & Status, has a steady, heartbeat-style rhythm and features the refrain, "The wait is ova," a phrase that was used last month as a teaser announcing the album's November 23 release date.

It appears to continue the dark vibe of the album's first single, [article id="1624241"]"Russian Roulette,"[/article] which has met with mixed reviews since its release two weeks ago. "Wait Your Turn" opens with a methodical, spare beat and glitchy keyboard loop as Rihanna repeats, "The wait is ova/ The wait is ova." The first verse has her dipping into an island lilt, deadpanning, "I pitch with a grenade/ Swing away if you're feeling brave/ There's so much power in my name ... I'm such a fragile lady/ You don't have to be so afraid."

The sports-themed chorus has the singer soaring into her higher register, "Isn't it crowded over here/ But, babe the wait is ova/ Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win/ The wait is over/ Fumble, don't you fumble that's a flag on the play/ Babe, if you don't wanna then you don't have to wait/ But together we gon' be taking over." The chorus leads into a spoken line with a slightly distorted vocal, in which she adds, "It's just the way the game is played/ It's best that you just wait your turn."

As the song progresses, more layers of '80s-style organ keyboards and a thumping beat bleed through more sports-metaphors about champions with their hands up and fans cheering them on. The song ends just shy of the four-minute mark on an a cappella refrain of "The wait is ova."

A spokesperson for Rihanna did not return requests for comment at press time to confirm the single's official release date. The leak comes just a few days before [article id="1625269"]Rihanna is reportedly slated to sit down for her first interview[/article] since she was assaulted by former boyfriend Chris Brown in February. Rihanna has made no statements and has not discussed the incident at all in public to date, but a promo from ABC News says that when she appears on "Good Morning America" on Thursday and on "20/20" the following night, the world will hear her side of the story for the first time.