Edward Norton Promises To Beat Sarah Palin's Marathon Time

Two-time Oscar nominee will be running in Sunday's New York City Marathon.

[movieperson id="182818"]Edward Norton[/movieperson]'s an Obama guy. Long before the first-term senator from Illinois secured a four-year stay at the White House, Norton began producing a documentary about Obama's political life. The film, "By the People: The Election of Barack Obama," premieres on HBO next week. A few days before then, Norton is set to run in the ING New York City Marathon, and among his top goals is beating the former vice-presidential candidate who Obama defeated in the election.

Back in Alaska in 2005, Sarah Palin ran 26-plus miles in under four hours. And when he stopped by MTV News recently, Norton swore he'd destroy that time in this Sunday's race.

"I'm gonna beat Sarah Palin like a rug!" he joked during the interview. "Palin I would like to beat just on principle."

Norton is running as part of the Maasai Marathon, a group dedicated to raising money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, which promotes conservation, education and health services in communities in southern Kenya. While he trains, he's been tweeting up a storm in an effort to raise money and awareness for the cause. Among the marathon participants is Samson Parashina, a Maasai who met Norton when the actor came to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and who is now president of the trust.

"He's a good runner," Parashina said of Norton. "We've been running over the lava rocks in Kenya — the terrain is very uneven — and he was going very well."

"I'm often slower than the Maasai, which is to be expected," the two-time Oscar nominee said. "But then I see something like a lion print, and then suddenly, amazingly, I'm as fast as they are."

So is training for a marathon harder than making movies? "David Fincher's films are kind of a marathon, but they're at night and you do things like repetitively bang your head into the floor," Norton, who you'll remember starred in "Fight Club," decided. "No, this is definitely one of the hardest things I think we've all ever done."