Foo Fighters Welcome Mixed Reactions To New Single 'Wheels'

'I like that we have songs that lots of different people either enjoy or dislike,' frontman Dave Grohl says.

It's hard to believe that [artist id="986"]Foo Fighters[/artist], the band that Dave Grohl admits he started "almost on a dare," have been around for 15 years and have cranked out countless hit singles. Those tracks will be celebrated on the upcoming Greatest Hits, a compilation of the group's biggest smashes, including "Learn to Fly," "Best of You" and "Everlong." The album also contains two new songs: a rugged rocker called "Word Forward" and the new single "Wheels," which the band debuted on the lawn of the White House over the summer and which just got a video release.

"On the last tour, we decided to treat soundcheck as a place to write songs and not just to practice," Dave Grohl told MTV News. "So we picked these two songs and called Butch Vig — who I haven't worked with since 1991, when he worked on Nirvana's Nevermind — and he came in and produced them."

Despite the group's devoted following, fan reaction has been somewhat tepid to the group's latest single. But Grohl wouldn't have it any other way. "We kind of took it in this direction that we haven't gone before, which, as a band, is exciting," he explained. "You do a song like 'Wheels' and people go, 'Really? That's the Foo Fighters?' People get all scared. 'Oh no, is that the direction they're going?' It's one of those songs that our biggest fans hate. I like that we have songs that lots of different people either enjoy or dislike."

Greatest Hits will be in stores November 3, and the band will appear in an episode of "VH1 Storytellers" on November 27.