Jay-Z Says It's 'Incredible' Hearing His Music At Yankee Stadium

'It's beautiful ... beyond explanation,' the MC says of Yankee players using his songs for at-bat music.

Before his World Series performance of "Empire State of Mind," Jay-Z got to play the field — literally. Hov told ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" that he got a chance to roam the green and imagined catching a ball and doubling a guy out at home plate.

"I felt like a kid," he said. "The field is beautiful. I've never been that close to the field. Walking around, I jumped over the center-field fence and everything, like I was catching a home run."

Talking to MTV News earlier in the week, before Thursday's performance with Alicia Keys, Hov noted he loves attending games at Yankee Stadium and hearing his music.

"Jeter plays 'Empire State' every time he's at bat. A-Rod does 'Already Home' and 'Reminder,' " Jay said. "[Robinson] Cano does 'Run This Town.' It's like the Jay-Z compilation at the stadium. It's beautiful.

"Incredible," Jay added. "Beyond explanation. Just the whole fact, being in Yankee Stadium, really interacting, knowing the players. I grew up a fan of he Yankees — Reggie Jackson, Mickey Rivers, Chris Chambliss, God bless Thurman Munson, all these guys. To be there and interact with all these guys [the current Yankee team], they're throwing the Roc sign up — it's fantastic."

Ironically, Jay couldn't stay for the show. He jumped in his Maybach and was driven out of the stadium just minutes after his performance with Alicia Keys, as he had a flight to catch for a show in Canada. Hov did keep abreast of the game, though, noting that his beloved Yankees won 3-1.

"It's a fantastic series," he told "Mike and Mike." "I figured the Phillies are going to be tough and we'll take it in seven." And you know Hov does not lose.