Polow Da Don 'Bringing Energy Back To The Game' With Usher

Plus: Shawty Lo releasing Fright Night without Gucci Mane, in Mixtape Daily.

Behind The Beats: Polow Da Don

Two down, nine more to go. Polow Da Don is about to start an incredible run. Look for the producer to start flooding the airwaves. He already has 50 Cent's "Baby by Me" and the Gucci Mane/ Usher deluxe combo "Spotlight" hitting. Now, PDD reveals that he has a wide array of hitmakers who are unleashing their collaborative tunes.

"Man, I got nine singles coming out in the next month," Polow told us earlier this week in New Jersey. "50, Gucci [Mane] and Usher, Robin Thicke, Game, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, Weezer featuring Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana featuring Chris Brown. ... Oh, by the way, I got an Akon single coming out and a Monica single coming out. So that's 11."

Well, we only count 10, so we'll have to catch up with Polow to find out what we're missing. 'Low said he and Usher are going to be rampaging through the A celebrating "Spotlight," as well as being ambassadors for music unity.

"Usher's in that same vibe he was in when he was 23, 24 years old, with more knowledge," Polow said of the singing superstar. "We're out kicking it, having fun. We're doing something this weekend. Me, him and Gucci gonna hit all the clubs, probably spend like 15,000 in each club making it rain. We gonna break the ['Spotlight'] record. Bringing that energy back to the game, where you just see stars messing with other stars, making it exciting for the people. That's really where he's at. He's like, 'C'mon, Polow.' He'll hit me up like, 'What are you doing? Let's go out and kick it.'

"Just really trying to get that energy back in the game, because people don't really mess with each other no more," Polow continued. "Everybody looks at each other as competition when the game overall is losing. So he'll call Chris Brown, ask him how he's doing. He'll stay in touch with Gucci after they do the record. Or call me or Nelly or whoever. We're trying to bring this thing back together as far as the vibe."

Next Wave Of Flav

Polow already told you about all those potential hits he's dropping. He's especially excited about his song with Game.

"The Game record is a hip-hop classic," Polow promised. "It's called 'Would I Be Wrong?' featuring Akon. It's talking about coming from the 'hood. [The song's perspective is] I work all my life trying to get out the 'hood, then when I get to a point where I could get out of the 'hood, the 'hood keeps calling me number one. Then the 'hood is hating on me for trying to get out of the 'hood. So what am I supposed to be doing at this point? Did I risk my life every day to stay in the 'hood, or am I supposed to make a better life for my family? That's kinda what the song is about.

"His verse is crazy," the producer added about Game. "It's going through the whole 50 Cent beef, when he first went to the studio with [Dr.] Dre, he's a painting a picture with his verses. With his new album, he's already considered one of the best rappers, and he's rapping like he's angry [that] people don't consider him one of the best rappers. He's spitting. He's painting the pictures every song."

Streets Is Talking: News And Notes From The Underground

Shawty Lo told us earlier this month that he and Gucci Mane were putting a mixtape together called Fright Night. "I'm Jason, he's Michael Myers," Lo said at the time.

Plans have changed, however. "He's gonna be on a couple of records," Shawty said via cell from Atlanta. "We was gonna do this one together, but we're gonna do one in December."

This mixtape is stilled called Fright Night and has all original production.

"I got a couple nice records," he said. "I got one called 'Birds.' It's talking about the work. It's real crazy. I got one called 'What Comes and Goes.' I got one called 'What the Baby Gonna Do?' Dudes out here crying so much. All that crying, 'What the baby gonna do?' I got one for the clubs, for the ladies. It's something different I ain't never did before. I did it with my man Nate. It's a whole different rap style. It sounds nice."

Lo's LP I Am Carlos drops sometime in the first quarter of 2010. ...

Earlier this week, Glasses Malone got the Halloween frenzy started with his mixtape Nightmare on Seven Street. But the actual holiday is looking like the mixtape game's Super Saturday. In addition to Shawty Lo's Fright Night, Soulja Boy Tell'em is dropping three tapes: Cortez (that tape has leaked already), Dat Piff and the spooky Paranormal Activity. The big gun is going to be one people are already talking about: Lil' Wayne's No Ceilings. Some tracks have leaked, but Wayne has everything covered. He has more songs in the can and the complete, proper version lands Halloween. Check back here later Friday (October 30) for a full preview of the tape.

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