Britney Spears Teases Fans With '3' Video Sneak Peeks

Clip for her provocative new single premieres Friday.

A day after announcing the Friday premiere of her "3" video, [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] took to her Twitter to give fans a taste in three five-second clips.

In the first preview, a montage of Spears pictures flashes on the screen. One flash is a close-up of Spears as she sings and holds up her hair. It's cut together with black-and-white footage and images of just the bottom half of her body walking across the screen. "Here's the first video clip from Britney's 3 video... more later today!," she tweeted.

In the next clip, that same close-up is used, but this time it's spliced together with an image of Spears pressed against the camera with bed-head hair. "Another 5 second clip from Britney's 3 video... are you ready for tomorrow?" she wrote.

In the final preview clip, she's seen dancing a bit more in the black-and-white section of the video, and this is once again mixed with that same close-up shot and the images of her walking across the screen. "3...2...1..... Are you ready?" she tweeted. "Here's the last video clip of the day- Are you ready for the premiere tomorrow?"

Late Thursday (October 29), Spears also tweeted an additional photo from the video. In it, you just see her legs decked out in lacy tights and ankle boots.