'New Moon' Director Chris Weitz Hasn't Seen 'Eclipse' Footage

'I'm excited to see finished stuff from 'Eclipse' rather than anything in progress,' director says.

With filming on [movie id="420622"]"Eclipse"[/movie] wrapping up, we couldn't resist asking "New Moon" director Chris Weitz whether he had seen any of the footage from next summer's blockbuster. He hadn't, he said, because he's been busy working hard to bring fans "New Moon," which hits theaters in less than a month. Surprisingly, he said he didn't really want to see the footage yet.

"As a fan and a filmmaker, I'm excited to see finished stuff from 'Eclipse' rather than anything in progress," Weitz said. "When you see works in progress, there's always some guy standing in front of some big green curtain, and it's all terribly disappointing. You really want to see the good stuff once it's all finished."

On The Set Of "Eclipse"

After "New Moon" was finished filming , Summit Entertainment announced that David Slade would be directing "Eclipse." Weitz said he had some early chats with Slade to let him know what "New Moon" was going to look like and how he had filmed the story, and then let Slade decide how he wanted to film the series' third installment.

"It was like the transition team, so I could kind of let him know where things are going," Weitz said. "The transfer of power was very successful. The transition teams coordinated extremely well."

But Weitz said he had no such discussion with "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. (Granted, Weitz was [url id="http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/12/13/breaking-chris-weitz-named-new-moon-director-while-taylor-lautner-comes-up-short/"]announced as the "New Moon" director[/url] after "Twilight" was released.) Instead, he had long conversations with author Stephenie Meyer to make sure she thought he was the right director for the job and to make sure he captured her ideas of "New Moon" correctly.

In addition to it being Meyer's movie, he said it was also a fan's movie, and it was to the fans and Meyer that he felt he owed the most allegiance.

"[I] was reading the book and really trying to pay attention to what I thought the devoted reader would want out of the film," he said. "And I thought, 'Well, they want something grand.' "

"New Moon" will be much more of a blockbuster film than Hardwicke's indie take on "Twilight," Weitz confirmed. But he made sure to clarify that it won't be a blockbuster in the "Transformers" sense — there won't be objects exploding left and right — but in the classic "Doctor Zhivago" or "Seven Samurai" way.

"I think that Catherine Hardwicke had a very current pop sensibility and rock sensibility. I'm a complete square," Weitz said with a laugh. "['New Moon' has] more of an old-school ethic, which won't mean very much to most of the fans that are watching it, but in terms of how we set about shooting it, it probably feels a bit more like my sad attempt to echo David Lean or [Akira] Kurosawa or something like that."

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