Taylor Swift Laughs About Kissing Taylor Lautner On 'Ellen'

Ellen DeGeneres presses the country star about her rumored relationship with the 'Twilight' werewolf.

After dancing around the subject during a radio interview earlier this week, [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] still avoided saying anything about the rumors that she's dating her "Valentine's Day" co-star, "Twilight" hunk Taylor Lautner, when she stopped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Thursday (October 29). But DeGeneres tried her best to get Swift to clarify the status of their relationship.

"Yes, I did [just shoot a movie] that comes out in February around Valentine's Day 'cause the movie is called 'Valentine's Day,' so it makes sense," Swift said. "They thought it out very well."

When asked who is starring in the movie with her, she named off everyone but her rumored beau. She agreed that Lautner is cute, and when Ellen asked about kissing him in the movie, Taylor just laughed. Then, when asked about the hockey game they were photographed at together, she simply said, "I really like hockey a lot, and it turns out so does he."

Swift did relay an on-set anecdote from the film explaining how she fixed the cast and crew's biggest dilemma: having two stars with the same first name. "See, that was confusing when we were shooting the movie," she said. "Everybody was confused, so halfway through the day, [I said], 'You call him Taylor, and you call me Swifty.' Problem solved."

Swift also laughed off Ellen's jokes about how much money she's made since her album, Fearless, has sold more than 4 million copies. She just added, "I actually just wrapped up the first leg of my first headlining tour, which I am so excited [about]."