La Roux Don Huge Glasses, Melting Plastic In New Video

'I nearly burnt my back!' frontwoman Elly Jackson says of melting jacket from 'In for the Kill' clip.

If you've been keeping up with the female-driven wave of emerging Brit-pop acts over the past two years, you've probably heard the synthy, upbeat stylings of [artist id="3142505"]La Roux[/artist]. From the retro-futuristic surrealist beachscapes of "Bulletproof" to the ultra-chic irony of "I'm Not Your Toy," the band's music videos thus far have cultivated an enigmatic image for Elly Jackson. The frontwoman recently sat down with MTV News to discuss their "In for the Kill" clip.

Principally consisting of Jackson behind the wheel of a Delorean-looking, quite possibly flux-capacitor-equipped vehicle, the video shows a highly determined woman on a mission. "The actual song is about me going to Paris and telling someone something," Jackson said. "I literally just jumped on the Eurostar [train] and I went, and I never ended up telling him, but I had a great weekend.

"[The song is] just about that hopeful feeling of, 'OK, I need to go and do this for myself. It doesn't really matter if it doesn't work out. If I don't go and do this and say this, I'm going to go crazy,' " she added.

The style of Jackson's original concept for the video was a cross between the shadows-chasing-shadows aesthetic of "The Third Man" and the silhouettes-in-sunglasses title credit sequences of the James Bond films. Jackson confessed that the oversized glasses made her look a bit like Mike Teavee from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Toward the end of the video, we see another, more angelic Jackson standing in front of a flood of white light, as if to stop the Jackson in the driver's seat from completing her mission. And oh yeah, her outfit was made of plastic. "That light that's behind me is genuinely that bright," Jackson said. "And the back of the jacket started melting. It was that hot, and I nearly burnt my back!"

The wardrobe issues didn't stop there: "You know that episode of 'Friends' where Ross has to put talcum powder on his legs when he's got those leather trousers on? I had to do that, like, every tea break."