Eminem Talks 'DJ Hero,' Challenges DJ Jazzy Jeff

'I'm gonna be better than Jazzy Jeff at this game,' Em brags.

Despite his world famous talent as a lyricist, MC writer and producer, Eminem has never been known for his skills as a DJ. But for this week's release of "DJ Hero," he teamed up with Jay-Z to release a special version of the music video game, the "Renegade Edition," which includes a gold-colored turntable controller. In an interview posted on his Web site, Em says the release of the game has inspired him to sharpen his skills on a real-world turntable.

"The cool thing about 'DJ Hero' is that the music is actually part of the video game itself," Eminem said. "As soon as I master it, it's gonna be fun, 'cause then I'm gonna get my ass in the studio and I'm gonna start learning how to scratch [on the turntables]. And then at live shows, I'll be my own DJ — run up there in the booth, throw the record on, run down and rap."

Em didn't stop at threatening the job of his touring DJ, Alchemist. He went on to challenge one of the greatest DJs of all time to a battle. "I'm gonna be better than Jazzy Jeff at this game, by the way. And if ever he wants to come here and set up his turntables against me ... give me about a couple years, but I'm going to be better than him ... at this game."

Jay-Z and Eminem's "Renegade Edition" — for which the two gave a surprise performance in Los Angeles back in June — also comes packed with a two-disc compilation of tracks from the two artists, with previously unreleased material from Em, including the track "Taking My Ball."

Eminem added, "As far as Jay's disc and my disc and there being unreleased material on it, that's never been done before."

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