50 Cent Goes 'Psycho' With Eminem On Before I Self Destruct Leak

Fif takes aim at Game and Young Buck on the album, which wasn't supposed to drop until November 23.

Well, at least [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] knows people are dying to get their hands on his album. Unfortunately, Fif definitely didn't want fans to hear his new music this early.

On Wednesday (October 28), 50's Before I Self Destruct leaked almost a month before its planned November 23 release date. There has been no comment from 50 or Interscope Records as of press time.

For the most part, Self Destruct is the rugged, gangsta, hardcore hip-hop Fif has said is missing from the game. The album opens with a song called "The Invitation," which tells the firsthand story of a drug baron who loses a friend in a shooting but bounces back and gets retribution and grows even more menacing. "You want some? Come get some," 50 says bluntly on the chorus. "N---a, it's murder one when you see my gun/ I just squeeze and squeeze till the whole clip done/ You just bleed till the cops come."

"Death to My Enemies" isn't any less harsh. "Boy, I'll put your body in my bag," Fif sings along to a deranged melody. Later, the listener is left to dissect whether he is throwing a jab at Lil Wayne or referencing the infamous crack haven from the film "New Jack City." "This ain't the Carter, n---a, this is Sparta/ It's harder, I'll die, I'll be a martyr/ Respect me like your father."

On the very next record, there is no need to infer anything. 50 gets very blunt on "So Disrespectful," calling Young Buck a drug addict and the Game jealous. "C'mon, Game, you'll never be my equal," he raps. "Your homies shoot doors, my n---as shoot people/ See me, I'm what you're never gonna be/ I'm in that tax bracket you're never gon' see.

"I ain't know he f---ed with more dope than B.G./ Plus a n---a sip more syrup than Pimp C," Fif continues on the track. "Man, keeping these mutha----as rich ain't easy/ Especially when a n---a wanna stunt like Jeezy/ And his CDs didn't sell like his CDs/ Man that n---a blew all his chips on them breezies/ Mad cause the world won't treat him like Weezy."

"Psycho" features Fif's family member [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist]. "I'm a psycho, a sicko, I'm crazy," 50 declares on the hook. " ... You wanna see me shot up, locked up, cage me/ I'll come back bigger, stronger and angry."

Em checks into the psych ward, rapping, "Man, these are average raps, I'm keeping the savage batch hidden/ A can of whup-ass with the Shady-Aftermath lid/ You pop the top, it's like opening vats of acid/ Beat the Octo-Mom to death with a Cabbage Patch Kid."

Other guests on the album include R. Kelly and Ne-Yo.