Tokio Hotel Offer Some Tips For Dressing Like Them On Halloween

Bill Kaulitz says fans just need a Mohawk, some makeup and 'a leather jacket.'

Halloween is almost upon us, and there are several celebrities out there who would be perfect inspirations for your Halloween costume. Sure, you can dress like Bella and Edward from "Twilight," or you could even dress like Lady Gaga (more on that Friday). But how about teen-favorite rockers [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist]?

We caught up with TH's Tom and Bill Kaulitz to get their ideas for stepping into their shoes Saturday night. Bill said he has an easy look to copy, despite his glam exterior. All you need is a Mohawk, some makeup and fingerless gloves. "I think that's the easiest," he said of fans trying to emulate his look, adding that they'll also need "a leather jacket."

His brother, Tom, had some advice for aspiring Bills, making his brother laugh as he jokingly suggested: "Makeup, ugly face, ugly smile."

During an interview with the rockers last October, we surprised them with some Halloween candy after hearing that they were big fans of American sweets. "In Germany, we do not have Halloween, which is a shame. We do have some of this candy though," Bill laughed at the time, surveying the mounds of sweets before him. "We have M&Ms, we have these things here — Ritter Sport — and these too, [Kinder Surprise Eggs]. ... I'm not really into chocolate; I really love all the sour stuff. ... I just like the surprises [in the Kinder]."

It's Halloween Week, the spookiest time of the year and also the most fun. So as the leaves fall and it gets a bit colder, we here at MTV News decided to pay homage to the holiday by rounding up some of your favorite celebrities' Halloween memories and costume ideas — some even offer advice on how to dress up like them this year. So brace yourselves: You're in for one horrifying week!