Lil Wayne No Ceilings Tracks Leak, But Full Mixtape Won't Drop Till Halloween

Check back Friday for a full report on mixtape!

No Ceilings? Not just yet! [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] is still in the studio working on his latest mixtape. On Wednesday morning (October 27) several songs from No Ceilings

leaked onto the Internet, but the Young Money camp has assured MTV News that Weezy is still working on the mixtape (two songs from which leaked on the day of his guilty plea for attempted gun possession last week) and the full product will not land until Halloween.

BUT: On Friday, here on, there will be a special edition of Mixtape Daily where you will get the full report on the mixtape, as well as info about where you can get it for free. Weezy might even check in himself.

Among the leaks is an interlude where Wayne explains why he wanted to make this project.

"Welcome," he says. "I appreciate you for having this. If you got this, if you're listening to this, thank you. This is for you. It's a big thank you for coming out to all the days and nights on tours, for coming and supporting me every single night. Even if you didn't come to the tour, it's just thank you."

Lyrically and stylistically, Weezy remains locked in. He trounces the track with grace, spewing humor and verbal spikes with barbaric tenacity.

"I'm higher than a super kick," he raps over Jay-Z's "Run This Town" beat. "I'm the bomb, baby, watch me nuke this sh--/ When I leave the booth, they gotta scoop the sh--/ My apologies, diabolically, I'm the prodigy ... Yeah, we run this town, like a lot of freaks/ Young Moo-lah baby, I'm proud of me."

Elsewhere, Wayne tackles the beat from Fabolous' "Throw it In the Bag" remix. "Swimming in Polo/ Sleeping in Jordans/ I bought a cell phone and I don't even much call it ... Wake her in the morning, breakfast where she slept at/ Tell her go shopping/ I can't wait until she get back ... You can't be broke and happy, so me, I'm mad rich!"