'Twilight,' True Blood' Inspired Har Mar Superstar's 'Fallon' Performance

'The audacity of vampire baseball is enough to draw me in,' singer says of inspiration for bloody bandmates.

NEW YORK — If you had the pleasure of catching [artist id="1212729"]Har Mar Superstar[/artist] on Tuesday night's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," you might have noticed something missing from the performance: his signature bare chest and thighs.

"A lot of times when I do television appearances, the producers would ask me to get down to the underwear," said Sean Tillman, the man behind the glitz and glamour. "We want the balls on TV! We want everyone to know what drew us to you."

But the charismatic crooner kept his clothes on while performing "Tall Boy," the lead single from his new album Dark Touches.

" 'Tall boy' is such a vocal-heavy song, where I'm singing all the time. It's kind of logistically hard to strip," he explained.

So what's a sexually repressed singer to do instead of baring it all?

"We were trying to get blood coming out of the mouths of all the guys in white [onstage]," Tillman said. "But the blood capsules kind of dissolved mid-song. It looks like they have bloody teeth."

Har Mar went on to explain his inspiration for the spectacle: "I've watched all the 'True Blood's and it's ridiculous and kind of amazing."

But he was also influenced by an even bigger vampire series. " 'Twilight' I'm kind of psyched about," he added. Although he admitted to not reading all the books, he said, "The audacity of vampire baseball is enough to draw me in."

While Har Mar Superstar remained reserved for his "Fallon" appearance, he delighted a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at New York's Mercury Lounge with a full-on booty-shakin', belly-in-your-face party the next day.

The singer ran through his biggest tunes, including "DUI" and "Cut Me Up," and let his fans know that he appreciates them: "Thanks for coming to this gross celebration of me!"

Har Mar Superstar is currently on tour and playing shows in the U.S. and Europe through the end of the year.