'New Moon' Featurette Showcases Taylor Lautner And The Wolf Pack

In the clip, Kristen Stewart says the wolves make the 'Twilight' series 'more animalistic, more violent.'

" [movie id="414921"]'New Moon'[/movie] is going to be stepped up a whole 'nother notch," Taylor Lautner says in a freshly released featurette available on MSN.com — and after checking it out, it's hard to dispute that assessment.

The video gives a behind-the-scenes look at how filmmakers on the "Twilight" sequel have created the visual effects for Lautner's Jacob Black and the rest of the pack of Native American werewolves. It shows technicians working on computers to simulate wolf attacks and close-up shots of the digital building blocks for CGI animation.

"We introduce the world of the werewolves, which is also the world of some amazing CGI stuff," director Chris Weitz explains.

In past trailers, we've seen a sequence in which Jacob runs to the rescue of Kristen Stewart's Bella during a confrontation with the wolves: He jumps into the air and transforms into a hairy beast himself. The featurette breaks down how the scene was filmed, from Lautner running and leaping while attached to wires to the animated work that was needed to turn him from man to wolf.

"Our job is to basically climb inside the skin and find out what it is to be a wolf," animation supervisor Tom Gibbons says.

The video package also allows the actors portraying the pack to share their thoughts about their characters. "Sam is the leader of the wolf pack," Chaske Spencer explains of his character. "He's, like, the chief of police protecting the werewolves!"

Alex Meraz declares that his Paul "is a short-tempered, volatile character."

As the featurette makes clear, the boys in the wolf pack are the new stars of the second film in the "Twilight" series. Even Stewart is taken with how they've altered the dynamic since the first movie. "There's something about the wolves," she says. "I think it's such a different movie. All of a sudden, such a completely new world has been introduced. It's more animalistic, more violent."

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