Adam Lambert, David Cook Honor Michael Jackson At 'This Is It' Premiere

We catch up with the former Idols on the red carpet for 'Michael Jackson's This Is It.'

[artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] paid homage to [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist] during his stint on "American Idol." The glam singer put his own stamp on Jackson's classic tune "Black or White" while competing on the show. And at the red-carpet premiere of "Michael Jackson's This Is It," Lambert shared with us just how the King of Pop inspired him.

"Michael wasn't afraid of just being himself," he said. "Michael didn't conform to one style of music. He did his own thing. That's the thing that makes me tick."

Another "Idol" alum, [artist id="3080428"]David Cook[/artist], also shared his experience with covering one of the King of Pop's tunes. "I actually borrowed it from Chris Cornell and, being on the show, you want to do songs people know — and who doesn't know Michael Jackson?" David Cook said about his take on "Billie Jean." "It's incredible to be here to honor Michael Jackson."

Lambert, who definitely isn't afraid to do his own thing when it comes to his music or his style, also recalled hearing the shocking news of Jackson's untimely passing in June. He was deep in the "Idol" tour, and the news stunned everyone.

"We were in rehearsals, actually," he explained, revealing that fellow contestant Lil Rounds was the first from "Idol" to hear the news and share it with the producers on the show. Lambert was busy singing when he noticed that something distressing was moving through the tour camp. "I kept singing and I pulled away from the mic and I said, 'What's going on?' We all just stopped."

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