Paramore Reveal Secrets Of 'Brick By Boring Brick' Video

'There's a castle in it, but there's no dragons,' bassist Jeremy Davis reveals of fairy-tale clip.

[artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist]'s "Brick by Boring Brick," the second single from Brand New Eyes, is basically an extended fairy-tale metaphor. So, you can probably guess what the video for will feature castles, dragons, faeries, the occasional broadsword and all sorts of medieval props.

Or, at least, that's what we thought when we asked the band about it backstage at the Ulalume Festival in Columbia, Maryland, on Friday. We were right ... and wrong too.

"There's a castle in it, but there's no dragons," bassist Jeremy Davis laughed. "We essentially came up with the treatment and had a bunch of directors send in their other ideas, and each was a little bit different that the others. It's our first video that's not performance based. We're not performing at all. We're in it for, like, two seconds, some of us. It's out first video that's all green screen and has a whole story behind it, and there's a lot of people acting in it, so it's cool."

"Hopefully, it will look more like 'Pan's Labyrinth' or something like that," guitarist Josh Farro added.

OK, so we're getting the idea: dark, sorta spooky, definitely takes place in another realm/ dimension/ time period, right?

"What's cool about it is there's dark elements to it ... and there's a fair amount of color too. It should be well-rounded, different, if anything," frontwoman Hayley Williams explained. "Our fans, for a long time, we've noticed them kind of saying, like, 'Man, I'd really love to see Paramore not do a performance video for once,' so here it is."

Paramore didn't want to reveal too many details about the "Brick" video, which they shot earlier this month in Los Angeles with director Meiert Avis (who helmed U2's iconic "Where the Streets Have No Name" clip). But Davis apparently didn't know about their code of silence on the subject, because he just kept on talking.

"We were all, like, characters in a fairy-tale land," Davis said.

"You're giving up the whole video right now!" Williams laughed. "Fine, then ... what happens is the prince comes and he just kisses me, and that's the end of the video."

"I wasn't aware," Davis said sheepishly. "Sorry!"

The video for "Brick by Boring Brick" is scheduled to premiere next month.