Chris Brown's 'I Can Transform Ya' Video Hits The Net

R&B singer morphs into slick vehicles in the clip, alongside Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz.

On Tuesday (October 27), [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] officially returned to the masses with the premiere of his "I Can Transform Ya" video, a super-slick clip that showcases not just his dance moves, but his newfound sense of swagger.

The video, Chris Brown's first since pleading guilty to assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna, has no visible reference to his troubled year. Under the direction of Joseph Kahn — who has made memorable clips for Britney Spears ("Toxic," "Womanizer"), Eminem ("We Made You") and Lady Gaga ("LoveGame"), to name just a few — Brown pops and locks and croons about his Black Card and, thanks to the magic of special effects, changes form, morphing into, among other things, a sports car and a fire truck.

Earlier in the month, Brown posted a handful of photos from the "Transform Ya" set, which showed him goofing around with Kahn, producer Swizz Beatz and guest star [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]; doing some ninjutsu (because, you know, why not?); and dancing in a military-esque get up. And now that the video's here, we're happy to report that all those things made the final cut.

"Transform Ya" is the first single from Brown's Graffiti album (due in December), and while it's already beginning its ascent up the Billboard Hot 100, it's not the only song fans can hear from the disc. Just last week, "Crawl," which is reportedly the second single from the album, leaked to the Web and is a decidedly different tune: a ballad, on which Brown pensively croons about a relationship gone awry.

"Everybody see it's you/ Well, I never want to lose that view," Brown sings. "Everybody says we're through/ I hope you haven't said it too."

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