Jay-Z Says 'DJ Hero: Renegade Edition' Makes You Feel Like Grandmaster Flash

MC adds that he hasn't had the chance to play the game against Eminem.

NEW YORK — If you catch [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] backstage on his current tour, Hov or someone he's traveling with may be playing "DJ Hero: Renegade Edition," which features Jay and [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist]. Jay says he keeps a copy of the game in his dressing room. On Monday (October 26), Hov discussed his love for video games.

"I was really a gamer," he declared. " 'Madden,' all these types of games. I was really a problem. That was my thing for a while."

Because of that, it didn't take Jay too long to say yes when asked to be involved with "DJ Hero: Renegade Edition."

"It started awhile ago. They approached me about doing something with 'DJ Hero,' " he explained, adding that he was interested "immediately."

"Of course, with the success of 'Guitar Hero,' it piqued my interest. On top of that, it was something for the hip-hop culture. Anytime I can I introduce it to a new audience, widen the reach of what hip-hop can do, I'm interested in that. Then playing the game, you really get the feeling you're Grandmaster Flash."

Of course, "DJ Hero: Renegade Edition" comes with music from both artists. Jay picked a song from each of his albums for his disc, while Em mixed up unreleased material (including the recently released "Taking My Ball") with hits like "Lose Yourself."

Although the two teamed up for a surprise performance celebrating the game earlier this year, Jay said he hasn't yet had a chance to play against his Midwestern friend.

"I don't know, man, that guy, you know, he's in the house right now," Jay laughed. "He's not in the clubs too much, so he probably has a lot of time to practice. He's probably practiced a lot, but I'll give him a run for his money right now."

"DJ Hero: Renegade Edition" is released on Tuesday.