Taylor Swift Makes A Point In 'Hard-Core' Chewbacca Halloween Costume

'All the girls in our school kind of used Halloween as an excuse to take all their clothes off,' singer recalls.

[artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] might be a girly girl — frequently photographed wearing sparkly dresses and heels, with her hair perfectly curled — but when it comes to Halloween, Swift wonders why girls decide to be so provocative for the creepy holiday.

That's why she decided to go wacky instead of sexy last year.

"I think my most memorable Halloween costume was last year's Halloween costume. My best friend Abigail and I have always been sort of anti-teeny-tiny, little costumes," she said in an interview with CMT. "And so last year, Abigail and I dressed up as twin Chewbaccas, which was an actual Halloween costume."

She easily made her way around town as the "Star Wars" character without being spotted, since she was completely covered. "I got, like, the special-edition costumes," she said. "It was hard-core. It was really exciting for me."

The singer, who re-released her Fearless album this week, said it was just the right costume — even if people didn't really get it. "It was really, really wonderful. I just am never going to forget it. There was lots of Chewbacca noises being made," she said. "People were like, 'You're an abominable snowman.' I'm like, 'It's Chewbacca!' "

Plus, she wanted to make sure she kept with her mantra of not being sexy on what's supposed to be a scary holiday. "I felt all the girls in our school kind of used Halloween as an excuse to take all their clothes off and parade around," she said. "They would tan weeks in advance so that they could bare it all on Halloween. I'm like, 'That's not the point.' You're supposed to be scary."

It's Halloween Week, the spookiest time of the year and also the most fun. So as the leaves fall and it gets a bit colder, we here at MTV News decided to pay homage to the holiday by rounding up some of your favorite celebrities' Halloween memories and costume ideas — some even offer advice on how to dress up like them this year. So brace yourselves: You're in for one horrifying week!