Paramore's Tour Rolls On, 'Pitfalls' And All

'It's actually turned out to be one of the best tours that we've done in a long time,' Hayley Williams tells MTV News.

It hasn't exactly been the easiest slog, but now, after a couple of false starts and near-quarantine conditions on the band's tour bus, [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] are finally getting healthy — and finally getting to enjoy themselves on tour.

"The tour has been awesome. ... There's been a couple of pitfalls," guitarist Josh Farro told MTV News backstage at this past weekend's Ulalume Festival in Columbia, Maryland. "Hayley kind of lost her voice at the very beginning, after the first show, so we had to take a week off and let her heal a little bit."

"For all that sucked in the beginning, it's actually turned out to be one of the best tours that we've done in a long time," Williams said. "We've been waiting on it this whole year; we've got all our friends out on the road with us. Paper Route are from Nashville — we shot 'That's What Your Get' at their house — the Swellers are on our label, and it's been a big hangout. We've just been having a good time."

Case in point: their incandescent headlining set at Ulalume, which showcased a band that's lean, mean and at the very peak of its abilities — and, for the first time in months, not sick in the slightest.

"It seemed like everyone was writing on their Twitter account [about how sick they were]," Williams laughed. "It never ended. Taylor, are you still sick?"

"I think I might be getting over it," York, Paramore's second guitarist, smiled.

And when they weren't battling, as Farro put it, "Swine flu, swine flu, swine flu," they were waiting for Williams' voice to return. She lost it onstage during Paramore's tour kickoff in Pomona, California and then was diagnosed with laryngitis. And though she's mostly recovered, it's still a pretty delicate situation, which means she's being extra careful with her voice, sometimes with less-than-ideal results.

"It just depends on how I feel. The last couple of shows, I've been OK. Actually, the last show we did in NYC, and it was my favorite show of the tour, as far as [how] I felt, health-wise," Williams said. "But a normal day, I am a little bit secluded. I sit around by myself a lot. I try not to be too crazy. Sometimes I'll skip out on soundcheck. Every day is different, because it's all mental. I let my voice kind of control my mental attitude. And if my voice feels bad, I'm like a total grouch."