Michael Jackson Wanted This Is It Shows To Warn About Global Warming

The name 'This Is It' was a message about saving the Earth, music supervisor Michael Bearden explains.

Even when the chips were down for [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist], his fans came out in droves to stand by their man. So when Jackson was planning his This Is It concerts at London's O2 arena, those loyal supporters where at the forefront of his mind.

"All artists have egos, but MJ was just probably the kindest, sweetest artist I've ever worked with," Michael Bearden, the music supervisor for the concerts, told MTV News. "He wasn't onstage for him, he was onstage for his fans. He loved his fans. Loved, loved, loved his fans, and so everything he did was for them, he would say to me, 'We need ... production value. You can't cheat the audience. You can't cheat the fans.' So, he didn't have an ego as far as that, 'cause he would always give and give for the fans."

Jackson intended these concerts not only to serve as a thank-you note to those fans, but also to continue to spread his message of love, Bearden said. He wanted the world to know that this may be it when it came to seeing him tour, and also that if we don't start paying attention to the world around us now, then it will be it for the Earth too.

" 'This Is It' — obviously people equate that to the last tour," Bearden said of the tour name's dual meaning. "His passion was to save the world save the planet, to heal the world. ...

"He would say to me, 'If we don't stop doing what we're doing with global warming and the Earth and how we're treating each other ... it could be irreversible in four years or five years or something like that,' " Bearden explained. "So, 'This Is It' meant to him that this is it: We don't have much longer to save the planet, to heal the world."

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