Leighton Meester Recalls Her Homemade Hula-Girl Halloween Costume

'I ended up having to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants over it,' the 'Gossip Girl' star remembers of one chilly holiday.

During Halloween, most kids are at the mercy of their parents when tracking down a costume, and Leighton Meester was no different. The "Gossip Girl" star's dad had some pretty big ideas for his little girl.

"I remember being a little kid and my dad making my Halloween costume," the actress/singer recalled of growing up in Florida. "And I was a hula dancer from Hawaii."

Meester's dad avoided the local Halloween shop in favor of making the whole costume from scratch. "He made a real lei with real flowers and a real grass skirt with real grass," she explained.

The typically toasty Florida weather just didn't want to cooperate that night, and Mr. Meester's creation became a little less than practical. "It turned out to be really cold that night, and we were in Florida, which is the weirdest thing," she said. "So I ended up having to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants over it. And everyone was like, 'Who are you?' and [I sighed and said,] 'A hula girl,' and I was so embarrassed. But now that I look back, it must have been kind of cute."

It's Halloween Week, the spookiest time of the year and also the most fun. So as the leaves fall and it gets a bit colder, we here at MTV News decided to pay homage to the holiday by rounding up some of your favorite celebrities' Halloween memories and costume ideas — some even offer advice on how to dress up like them this year. So brace yourselves: You're in for one horrifying week!